2016 International Clinical Trials Day

    Avatar Brokers Celebrates International Clinical Trials Day

    International Clinical Trials Day is an international commemoration of James Lind’s commencement of his famous scurvy trials.

    On 20th May 1747, he commenced a  prospective controlled experiment – in which he compared the six treatments indicated for the disease. His trial consisted of 12 men, who were paired, and given a range of dietary supplements – from cider to oranges and lemons.

    Over the six days of the trial, those in the group eating the citrus fruit improved. Lind then determined the link between citrus fruits and scurvy.

    Clinical trials have evolved substantially since Lind’s sea based studies. On international clinical trials days, we remember his work, and it’s positive impact on medical research.

    To celebrate, we are sending a big thank you to all involved in medical research for your contribution to our, and our future generations well being.


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