Cyber Insurance

    Companies are under constant digital threat. Key assets such as information, data and reputation are facing a range of attacks from an ever evolving threat of a data breach.

    Governments, regulators and shareholders are demanding companies and their boards, to ensure privacy and safety of personal information.

    Cyber insurance can transfer a range of risks to insurance. A carefully tailored policy can provide protection for your liabilities to customers, clients, individuals and regulators. It can also extend to cover your costs of investigating and reporting a data breach, and repairing damaged network assets.

    Avatar Brokers are members of TechAssure, the largest technology specialist insurance broker network.

    We will help you de-risk loss from a data breach, by indentifying insurable risk, and delivering a customised cyber insurance solution.


    Cyber Risk Management

    When a breach event occurs, time is of the essence. Help manage cyber risk with eRiskHub®

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    Industry specific expertise.

    We are members of TechAssure –  TechAssure members are recognized throughout the world as best-in-class insurance brokers with the specialised knowledge required to manage technology-related risks.